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I redesigned a popular cycling news site

to refresh the look and make content discovery easier

I did this for Cycling Tips In 2016.

It's called Cycling Tips redesign.


This case study was originally submitted as a design challenge as part of a job application. My initial proposal landed me the job.

Problem / Why

Popular cycling news website Cycling Tips - had lots of great content on their site but it was hard to navigate, and the design was tired. They wanted to redo the information architecture to allow for key categories of content to be accessible and give the site a new look and feel.

 initial site Cycling Tip site 2016
lo-fi mockup Lo-fi mockup (Initial proposal)
2018 homepage 2018 Site


Cycling tips have a loyal reader base of both free and paid members. (No Personas were created for this particular project).

Team / Role

UX / UI designer (me) Worked with the editor and lead developer for implementation.


As this was part of UX design job application take home test, I was given a minimal brief and time constraints. I did not have access to the end client, user testing or analytics for my initial proposal.

Concept / Ideate / Prototype

For the initial design test, I took audit & screenshots of the existing site, then sketched proposed changes

I then marked up the existing problems and suggestions and included a desktop and mobile wireframe of a home page redesign concept.

Identifying current issues Problems I identified on the existing site (View the full PDF here)
proposed changes Proposed changes (View the full PDF here)
lo-fi design Wireframe category page(View the full PDF here)


Once the contract was finalised, I worked with the editor in chief and lead developer to continue developing the redesign and implementation. From the original concept, I introduced a colouring system and new article slider.

current site Current Site category page 2018(View the full PDF here)


When the site rolled out overnight, there was an initial backlash from power users & members. If I was to re-do this again, I would have requested access to these users upfront (via email survey or Hotjar in browser) to ask them about their current experience with the site. I would also have suggested a staged rollout with the new design and implemented Hotjar to capture user feedback in the initial weeks.

As a premium content site, I think it’s important to reach out to your reader base when making significant changes or keep them informed or involved on a small level when changes are taking place.

Role out of the redesign was completed in-house, though I would have liked to go back through with the developer to do the final 5% polish. My design is still being used by the site today (and after the initial shock, users and sponsors had positive feedback for the redesign)