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A selection of my work

bloody mary melbourne

Find and review the best Bloody Mary's in town

Code - UX/UI Design, CSS/HTML/JS, Social Media
dutch 101

Learn Dutch with flipcards

Code - UX/UI Design, CSS/HTML/JS
clueless ipsum

Generate Lorem Ipsum? Ugh, as if!

Code - CSS/React JS
chatlio dashboard

Updated UI for app dashboard

Design - UX, UI, Product design
teem directory app

Team directory and updates app

Design - UX, UI, App design
house hunting improvements

Collaborative house hunting

Design - UX, Case study
Cycling Tips IA

Redesign a popular cycling news site

Design - UX, Information Architecture, Web Design
Onboarding flow

Refine the user onboarding process for a product

Design - UX, Content Writing
visually telling the time

Visual teaching aids for families

Design - UX, Print, Illustration
revised checkout flow

Refine a booking checkout flow

Design - UX/UI Design
colour schemes for data viz

Choosing colour for data Viz (external)

Design - Writing, Case Study, UX/UI
branding and illustration

Misc. Prototypes, Branding & Illustration work

Design - Illustration, Branding,